Leadership Meeting Vienna, 03 Feb. 2018

The big day had finally come and we held our first leadership meeting in the Vienna DC Towers. The introduction by Bernhard Würfler (CEO) was followed by in-depth and open discussion with our top leaders about possible improvements and imminent changes. The most important news item for our partners was the presentation of our revised General Terms and Conditions of Business. They have been drawn up by renowned law firm Ernst and Young and will ensure legal security for our partners and for INVIA World. Participants were glad to hear that our credit card payment system will finally be activated within the next two weeks.

The discussion was very open and frank and our top leaders provided excellent input concerning the organisation of the back office and website. Our IT will gradually incorporate these suggestions in our existing system over the next few weeks. A new back office interface with many new features was announced. It is currently in development and will go online by the end of February. There was also important news concerning the transparency of the company. As from February, all partners who buy packages of 10,000 + euros will be verified by means of video-identification. Since we are an Austrian company with our registered office located in Vienna, implementing verification of this kind is important for use and for meeting the provisions of the Money Laundering Act.
After a brief lunch break, we had the great pleasure of listening - and contributing - to the presentation and plans of Sascha Haug (Management and Sales). The highlight, as always, was Daniel Zdesar's (CMO) presentation. But not only his presentation was rich in content; the ensuing discussion was also very productive and provided a host of ideas for potential improvements and food for thought for the INVIA management team.


The grand INVIA WORLD KICK-OFF EVENT was held in Bangkok (Thailand) on 20 January this year. More than 150 participants came to listen to the presentations of Alexander Weipprecht of Krypto Magazine and the managers of Invia World.

The event was scheduled to start at 2 in the afternoon, but enthusiastic participants from various walks of life began pouring into the room already one hour earlier. A group of police cadets, some teachers and a major investor were among the audience. Alexander Weipprecht held the opening presentation on fundamentals of cryptocurrency, blockchain and mining (==> Krypto Magazin ). With the basic crypto principles and mining presented, Stefan Huber and Bernhard Würfler of the Invia World management team introduced themselves to the audience. A few days before the event, the two of them together with a group of top leaders had visited the mining farm in China and were able to report about development on site.

Daniel Zdesar was the next speaker; he presented the marketing plan of Invia World and provided insight into the business field of mining and partner programmes. Two top leaders gave an account of their success story with the company. Dinner with local executives and the company management team provided ample opportunity to get to know each other better. Highly motivated and powered up with information, the top leaders in Thailand can now start mining with INVIA World. We look forward to our shared future and to hearing more success stories from Thailand. The foundation has been laid. We hope to visit our new partners in Thailand again soon.

Kick-off Vienna

Krypto Magazine at Invia World kick-off
Presentation by Alexander Weipprecht - Krypto Magazine

7 October 2017 - The day of the official kick-off event of Invia World GmbH based in Vienna. I was asked to present the topics of mining and cryptocurrencies to the 150 participants in my capacity as non-affiliated editor of Krypto Magazine who does not "yet" own account with the company. My view on the cryptocurrency ecosystem was simultaneously translated into four languages.

In the course of my discussions with the owner and managing director of the company I got to understand the added value and key feature of actively managed mining. I learned from the company that they scan the crypto market with their customary software and identify the most profitable coin for mining. Since different algorithms and technologies require different forms of hardware (ASIC, GPU, CPU), the company can fall back on diversified assets here as well. An exciting concept, and I believe a nice addition to my already diversified mining strategy. I am currently buying my cryptocurrency on a daily basis from some nine different mining providers. I think I know the industry quite well. And so I bought a 3500 euro mining package from the company on the same evening. The results were so convincing that I added a 7000 euro package later.

With the eight-stage unilevel partner programme and the 30 days of set up time for a newly acquired mining package, Invia World pursues a rather solid and sustainable approach. The mining market is going to change significantly over the next few years. I think only the really big and smart players will prevail. A flexible mining strategy that is actively managed for the customer and a term of 36 months is not only fair but also realistic, if you ask me. I look forward to seeing more of Invia World and accompanying them over the next few years. I appreciate their readiness for technical development and innovation. Thank you again and here's to a very successful cooperation!

About the author

Alexander Weipprecht is the CEO of Provimedia GmbH and publisher of one of the biggest German language online magazines in the crypto sector. He is a software developer and businessman and has become established as speaker and consultant in the crypto scene. He sold his first company in the server, hosting and domains field in 2017 to dedicate all his time to his passion: cryptocurrencies.

Invia Vienna Kickoff from INVIA World.


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